Growing Apples

A true natural wonder can be observed in the rich lands of Halychyna and Transcarpathia, in the T.B. Fruit gardens: the most delicious apples are born. Fruit are luxuriating in fragile branches, swelling and shining with colors under the bright sun washed by dew and lavish rains.


Harvesting Apples

Only really ripe apples are carefully collected and sent to our high-tech factories, where each fruit is thoroughly checked. Afterwards small and large mechanisms begin coordinated work on creation of the Galicia juice.


Squeezing Juice

The true natural taste of Galicia juices is provided by the special stage of juice squeezing, when prepared and crushed fruit are squeezed to obtain a unique product.


Pouring Juice

At the final stage the natural juice obtained is poured carefully into convenient bottles and Tetra Pak ecological packages to make you get the maximum pleasure from the Galicia directly expressed juices.

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directly expressed juices “GALICIA”
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